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Using Google Street View cont’d…

Michael Wolf – Various Projects

Amidst controversy after receiving honorable mention from the World Press Photo jury for his project ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ (2011). Wolf takes a photo of the image on the screen and adjust’s the camera’s position in order to make the desired crop, using a tripod to keep a good, steady balance. A heavy focus of his work is the low clarity and high pixellation featured in many images. There is an interesting project of his called ‘fuck you google street view’, somewhat political as it compiles all the images found of citizens’ distaste and distrust towards this increase of surveillance. MAINLY PARIS AND MANHATTAN.

Michael Wolf is interviewed about the reactions he has received from his work, how it came to be and just how great Google street view is for social and cultural documentation.

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Authenticity is the major issue with all these works, funny though, I do like the chosen images a lot but would say they are the works of an artist rather than a photographer. The images have been taken out of context and edited so they become the works of the appropriators but of course we can not deny the fact the originals were taken from a mounted camera on top of a car. To confirm this distortion are some of the repeated images seen in the works of Wolf and Rafman. Go HERE to see exactly what I mean. Of course they are different in what they choose to focus on in the image; the quality, the editing (pixels,colour etc.) and what it means to each of them, but fundamentally they are very much the same. What for me is key about the projects is how powerful they are in evoking memories of early street photography. It is becoming near impossible to take photos of strangers without requiring permission and the presence of a photographer affecting the outcome. These images prove there are still ways for the magic of the hidden and unnoticed to remain unspoiled.


Using Google Street View cont’d

Doug Rickard – ‘A New American Picture’.

Edited photos through changing the framing of the image found (angles/cropping/changed to panoramic) and by changing the lighting. He composed the images on his computer and then took a photo of them using a digital camera. AMERICA.

Rickard lets us in on how Google street view managed to capture his imagination and why it served as a the right medium to convey his message.

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Using Google Street View…Photojournalism Genius or A Mockery of Street Photography?

Jon Rafman – ‘The Nine Eyes of Google Street View’. 

Takes screenshots of images and enlarges them. He chooses to leave the Google watermarks on the images. WORLDWIDE.

Here Rafman explains the logic behind this project and how it stems from his fascination with the internet.

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