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I do enjoy winter but now I can’t wait for the chill to end. We are in that phase where talk of snow is on the lips of many and I am extremely excited about the prospect of booking a holiday soon. One because I didn’t get the chance to go away last year, and two, for all the reasons listed above. Nothing beats a trip involving a beach somewhere sunny.

the beach


Girl Time/Mate time




Go topless


Or go all out?



Wear something eye-catching



Be seductive with sand




Keep hydrated



Leave it on a day like this


Hurricane Carol. Brooklyn, New York. 31 Aug 1954.



Keep your wits about you and play safe


Drowning victim Mary Eschner is being revived by Margaret Bourke-White. Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York. 1951.



Stand on a guy’s head



Think of the fish. They matter too!


…because LESS is a snore

more is more because less is a snore

Arnie’s days of flexin’.

Helen Levitt. New York, 1988. Why not have 3 instead of 1?

 Helen Levitt. New York, c.1940. Why not play on top rather than down below?

Sippy Mask by Jennifer Maestre.

An Afar bride from Djibouti.


Naomi Campbell. Vogue Italia, July-August 1990.

Oxford Market. 1968.

Fruits by Luis Venegas. Madrid. 2010.

Condiment Magazine. Issue 1. 2010.

Edward Burtynsky. Factory Worker Dormitory. Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China. 2005.

Ryan O’Toole Collett. Barcelona, Spain. 2009. Go HERE.


Leroy Grannis.


Waiting for the Wave by Tony Nolan in Teahupo'o, Tahiti.

Wet Women by Amanda Langford

Taken from an exhibition entitled ‘Wet Women’ which was held in 1988 in the West Indies. Go HERE for a few more…