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Take It From Someone Who Knows How To…

Two great shoots and another great combination. Linda Evangelista and Steven Meisel.

Chantal Regnault left France after the ’68 uprisings in Paris to move to New York. Though,  it wasn’t until the late 80s that it was possible for these photos to materialise.  She managed to gain entry into the Afro-American and Latino homosexual and transgender crowds of New York, where a new craze called Voguing was taking shape at the close of the 80s.

This book documents this scene and allows the readers into a time and place that will never happen in the same underground way as before. The book is published by Soul Jazz Records.

‘Voguing came out of the extraordinary house ballroom scene that emerged in Harlem, New York in the 1980s where men competed against one another for their dancing skills, the realness of their drag and their ability to walk on a catwalk runway like a model.’       Soul Jazz Records



B L A C K & W H I T E G I R L S

Linda Evangelista by Steven Meisel. 1989

by Ellen von Unwerth

Kate Moss by Frederique Veysset. 1994

Karlie Kloss

Stacey Dash