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‘Girl Had Game’

Patti McGee

Making moves. She was the first female pro skateboarder and was the first woman to be graced with the title of Women’s National Skateboard Champion in 1965. She is also the first female to be included in the Skateboarding Hall of Fame. Born in Santa Monica, California (1945), and starting out as a surfer she moved on to more concrete planes in 1963. ¬†She may not have been surfing but she certainly made some waves for females in the skating world and sport in general – especially at a time where such a sport would have been considered as a not-so-appropriate pastime for women. Also, as skateboarding had only just arrived on the mainstream scene, boards were incredibly small in width and the wheels were made of metal with little grip – making skating that much more difficult. Check her out. Patti the G!


‘Girl’s got game’

Laura Thornhill.

Elsa Hosk by Guy Aroch.